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Albucasis. Chirurgicorum … Strassburg: Johann Schott, 1532The History and Archives Committee (HAC) of the American College of Surgeons, formerly known as the Surgical History Group, was organized at a breakfast meeting at Clinical Congress 2013. The group was formed with the conviction that an awareness of how surgeons and surgery have evolved can add richness to our lives and serve as a guide to the future.

One of the group’s initial goals was to make surgical history an integral part of Clinical Congress by sponsoring events such as a poster competition, a breakfast presentation, and a panel session.

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Group Members

History and Archives Committee Roster

ACS Archivist: Meghan P. Kennedy, MA, MSLIS

Annual HAC Breakfast Meeting


Full session with keynote address by David S. Jones, MD, PhD, presenting “When Surgery Is an Experiment: Lessons from the History of Surgical Treatments for Coronary Artery Disease.”


Full session with 2019-2020 Archives Fellowship presentation by Cynthia L. Tang, MSc, MA, presenting "“Seeking Control of the “Laparoscopic Revolution,” 1989-1995” and keynote address by Craig A. Miller, MD FACS, presenting "“Through a Distant Lens: Images of the Life of Dr Michael DeBakey”.


Full session with keynote address by Peter J. Kernahan, MD, FACS, presenting “William J. Mayo and the Rise of American Surgery”


Full session with keynote address by John L. Cameron, MD, FACS, presenting “JMT Finney—First President of the American College of Surgeons”


Full session with keynote address by David L. Nahrwold, MD, FACS, presenting "The Impact of the College on Our Healthcare System"


Keynote address by John A. Weigelt, MD, DVM, FACS, presenting "History of the Surgical Education and Self-Assessment Program (SESAP)"

Bulletin of the History and Archives Committee

The ACS History and Archives Committee sponsors an annual poster competition, one of the group's most successful projects. Held at the annual Clinical Congress of the ACS, the session features the scholarly work of students, residents, and Fellows on a wide range of historical topics related to the field of surgery.

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HAC Education

The ACS History and Archives Committee has compiled educational resources on the history of surgery that is specifically designed for medical students and residents in training. Resources include discussions, videos, presentations, and more.

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Poster Competition

The 2020 History of Surgery poster session is now closed. 

The History of Surgery Poster Session, sponsored by the History and Archives Committee of the American College of Surgeons, offers surgical history enthusiasts the opportunity to present on their subject of interest relating to the diseases, techniques, technology, events or personalities of particular importance to the field of surgery and its subspecialties.

Photos and presenter information from prior years are listed on the web pages for the Poster Competition.

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