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Clinical Congress Then and Now: Scientific Exhibits

1954 Clinical Congress. John A. Schilling, Major, Randolph Field, Texas Participant, Forum/Tuesday Vascular Grafts <br>(Photo credit: Fredd Hess & Son, Atlantic City, NJ)

The Scientific Exhibits displayed by surgical researchers have been an integral part of the Clinical Congresses since the conference first began. The exhibit floor has grown immensely since the early days, with more surgical researchers displaying posters as the information and technology related to surgical procedures have expanded.

But the goal from the beginning has been to give surgeons a chance to learn about the availability of new techniques and therapies in order to improve the care of the surgical patient and safeguard standards of care. In addition, a lively dialog is sometimes exchanged between surgeon exhibitors and attendees who view the posters on display in the convention center.

2008 Clinical Congress <br>(Photo credit: Chuck Giorno Photography)

The Scientific Exhibits are a part of the Clinical Congress experience that most attendees do not want to miss. In addition to the scientific exhibits, there is a technical exhibit floor, which represents the industry side of the surgical profession. Today, more than 250 companies now display products or services that improve the quality of surgical patient care or enhance management practices within the surgical profession during the Clinical Congress.

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