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1927 Testimonials for Franklin H. Martin, MD, FACS

On April 11, 1927, an American College of Surgeons Sectional meeting of the states of Oregon, Washington and the province of British Columbia hosted a testimonial dinner for ACS founder Franklin H. Martin, MD, FACS, in the Spanish Ballroom of the Olympic Hotel, Seattle, WA. Dr. Martin was 69 years old at the time and would serve as College President from 1928 to 1929. Some of those luminaries unable to attend this meeting, sent testimonials by mail or telegraph. Three contributions highlighted here are the correspondence from George E. Armstrong, MD, FACS, Montreal, PQ, ACS President from 1920-21, John B. Deaver, ACS President from 1921-22, and John M.T. Finney, MD, FACS, first President of the American College of Surgeons.

Letter from George Armstrong to James B Eagleson

Letter from John B Deaver to James B Eagleson

Letter from John M.T. Finney to James B Eagleson

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