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The Friendship of Franklin H. Martin and William Mayo

Franklin H. Martin Principal Founder of the American College of Surgeons  William J. Mayo Co-founder with his brother Charles H. Mayo of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota 

William J. Mayo, Harvey Cushing, John W. Murphy, and George W. Crile were awarded honorary fellowships  by the Royal College of Surgeons. Franklin Martin and his wife Isabelle were among those assembled  for the ceremony in London, August 1913.


Onboard the SS Minnesota on the Mississippi River (about 1916?) Franklin H. Martin (far left), William J. Mayo (next right), Isabelle H. Martin (wearing a hat). Mayo and his wife Hattie bought the steamship in 1916 and had it until 1922.

Prominent Surgeons Involved in the War Effort (1917) Seated: William J. Mayo, Charles H. Mayo, Sir Berkeley Moynihan, Franklin H. Martin, George W. Crile, and A.J. Ochsner.  Standing: Fred B. Lund, Raymond P. Sullivan, Frederic J. Cotton, J.G. Clark, F.F. Simpson, John G. Bowman.

In 1920, Martin and Mayo made the first of many trips on behalf of the College to meet the  surgeons of South America and tour the medical schools and hospitals of those countries.  That first trip included visits to Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina.

In early 1924, Martin and Mayo made a personal trip to Australia and New Zealand. What had  begun as a vacation trip became a series of meetings and conferences that they held to discuss  the work of the College and in particular its hospital standardization program.

Letter from Mayo to Martin  Letter from Mayo to Martin 

Mayo had a new boat built, the 120-foot long yacht the North Star in 1922. Among those  onboard on July 17, 1932 were Dr. and Mrs. William J. Mayo, Isabelle H. Martin, Mr. and  Mrs. Fred A. Snyder, and Franklin H. Martin.

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