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ACS Culture and Values: A Good Fit for Veterans

As a veteran, we hope you will consider applying your military skills and experience to a rewarding civilian career with the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and help in our mission to improve outcomes for surgical patients worldwide. We believe veterans make great employees because they have unique skills, particularly in the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Decision making
  • Critical thinking

All of these skills are completely transferable—and essential—within our organization.  

Military-Focused Activities

The ACS has a great track record of partnering with the military on many fronts. Most recently, in May 2015, the Military Health System Strategic Partnership American College of Surgeons (MHSSPACS) was launched as a coordinated effort between the U.S. Department of Defense Military Health System and the ACS to ensure that current and next generation surgeons are prepared to provide optimal care to patients injured on and off the battlefield and to facilitate the bilateral exchange of best practices between the military and the civilian sector. The strategic partnership with the Department of Defense was announced at Clinical Congress 2014.

Further, in 2015 with the experiences from the most recent conflicts in the Middle East and the renewed interest in combat casualty care, there was a strong desire among military surgeons who are members of the ACS to resurrect the Excelsior Surgical Society and to make the College its official home. This desire became a reality on Sunday, October 4, when  the newly reformed Excelsior Surgical Society met for the first time in Chicago.

We are also an organization who has supported the Joining Forces initiative, which advocates for veterans having access to jobs, higher education, and quality health care services.

Our Values: Seeds of Success

The veterans who work for our organization tell us our culture and values make the ACS a good fit for them. We emphasize a team approach and embrace our mission with concern and compassion. Our values are:


Exemplify the highest standards of accountability, honesty, responsibility, loyalty, and respect


Aspiring to exceed internal and external standards that define our commitment to outstanding work outcomes


Continuously seeking profound creative and forward-thinking improvements to advance organizational goals and individual effectiveness


Motivated to seek continuous self-improvement through self-awareness, self-assessment, and professional development


Actively engage all appropriate individuals and entities to collaboratively harness their collective intelligence

The College has a wide variety of career opportunities available at all levels in many disciplines, including accounting, administration, information technology, and project coordination/management, among others.

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Jimm Dodd: Military Veteran and ACS Employee

Jimm is the Trauma Systems Programs Manager at ACS. As a veteran he finds that ACS  values are closely aligned to that of the military. Hear more about why Jimm thinks the ACS is a good fit for veterans. 

The July/August 2016 issue of Recruit Military includes a profile on Jimm Dodd and how his leadership experience in the military translates to a civilian workplace. According to Jimm, “The military and the U.S. Army, in particular, offer leadership courses that are not only focused on military leadership but on how to be a leader in general,” which helped prepare him for his role at the ACS.

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