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Central Judiciary Committee

The Central Judiciary Committee (CJC) is a Regental Committee that has the general supervision and direction of disciplinary matters under the Board of Regents. The CJC consists of five Fellows of the American College of Surgeons (ACS)—three of whom must be Regents. Members of the CJC are appointed by the Board of Regents and serve until such time as their successors are appointed and qualified. View the CJC roster.

Maintenance of Fellowship

Maintenance of Fellowship is jeopardized by infractions of College principles as specified in the Bylaws of the American College of Surgeons. Fellows are expected to report knowledge of violations of these principles or of the Bylaws. When a Fellow is convinced that another Fellow is violating the Fellowship Pledge, the Bylaws of the College, or its principles, a confidential written communication should be sent to the Executive Director of the College. The information so submitted will then be further investigated and processed according to the provisions of the Bylaws.

Disciplinary Process

As defined in the ACS Bylaws, Article VII, Sections 1 and 2

File a Complaint

The ACS accepts complaints about expert witness testimony provided by ACS members that may be in violation of the suggested guidelines and qualifications for expert witnesses as set forth in the ACS Statement on the physician acting as an expert witness.

Download the complaint form and submit it to

Statement on the Physician Acting as an Expert Witness

The Statement on the Physician Acting as an Expert Witness sets forth suggested guidelines for behavior and qualifications for members when providing expert witness testimony.

Expert Witness Affirmation

Peer Review

American Medical Foundation for Peer Review and Education

Committee Leadership

Chair: Douglas E. Wood, MD, FACS, FRCSEd 

ACS Staff

Michael J. Sutherland, MD, FACS
Hanna Lakew