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Seven short essays developed by the Board of Governors Surgical Training Workgroup, are meant to convey, in a succinct manner, key concepts about the early years in practice. These personal essays include the following topics:

Top 10 Things to Avoid During Your First Years of Practice
Shubhada Dhage, MD, FACS
Young Fellows Association Governing Council

How to Evaluate Practice Opportunities
George W. Holcomb III, MD, MBA, FACS
Governor, American Academy of Pediatrics (Surgical Section)

How to Obtain Work/Life Balance During the Early Practice Years
David Spain, MD, FACS
Governor, Northern California Chapter

Advice on Strategic Resource Negotiation when Starting a Surgical Practice
Raul Rosenthal, MD, FACS
Governor, South Florida Chapter

Top Eight Mistakes to Avoid During Your First Year in Practice (and Beyond)
Gayle Minard, MD, FACS
Governor, Tennessee Chapter

Conflict Resolution
Marc Mitchell, MD, FACS
Governor, Mississippi Chapter

Contract Negotiation: Areas of Contention
John Elfar, MD, FACS
Young Fellows Association Governing Council