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Statements of the College

Statements of the College

Statements on Principles


Statement in Support of the FSMB Policy on Physician Illness and Impairment: Towards a Model that Optimizes Patient Safety and Physician Health


Statement on Surgeon Well-Being

Statement on Interference in Doctor/Patient Relationship

Statement on Restrictive Covenants

Revised Statement on Trauma Center Designation Based upon System Need and the Economic Drivers Impacting Trauma Systems (Revised)

Statement on the Importance of Workplace Accommodations for Pregnancy, Parental Leave, and Lactation Support for Practicing Surgeons (Revised)

Statement on Resident Access to Personal Protective Equipment


Statement on the Importance of Pregnancy, Parental Leave, and Workplace Accommodations for Surgical Residents and Fellows (Revised)

Statement on Suicide Prevention


Statement on Older Adult Falls and Falls Prevention (Revised)

Statement on Patient Safety Principles for Office-Based Surgery Utilizing Moderate Sedation/Analgesia (Revised)

Statement on Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination

Statement on Guidelines for the Ethical Use of Social Media by Surgeons


Statement on Intimate Partner Violence (Revised)

Statement on Recommendations for Surgeons Caring for Patients Who Are Jehovah’s Witnesses

Statement on Patient Safety in the Operating Room: Team Care (Revised)

Statement on Medical Student Use of the Electronic Health Record

Statement on Credentialing and Privileging and Volume Performance Issues

Statement on Cannabis Regulation and Risk of Injury

Statement on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Adults

Statement on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Pediatric Trauma Patients

Statement on the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act (Revised)

Statement on Social Media

Statement on Maintaining Surgical Access with a Locum Tenens Surgeon

Statement on Diversity (Revised)


Statement on Opioids and Motor Vehicle Crash Prevention

Statement on Lithium Batteries

Statement on Gender Salary Equity

Statement on the Opioid Abuse Epidemic

Statement on the Development and Use of Proprietary Guidelines for Accountable Patient-Centered Care (Revised)

Statement on the Rationale for Emergency Surgical Call (Revised)

Statement on Health Care Reform

Statement on the Use of General Anesthetics and Sedation Drugs in Children and Pregnant Women


Statement on Distractions in the Operating Room

Statement on Documentation and Reporting of Accidental Punctures and Lacerations During Surgery

Statement on Health Care Industry Representatives in the Operating Room (Revised)

Statement on the Prevention of Unintentionally Retained Surgical Items After Surgery (Revised)

Statement on Safe Surgery Checklists, and Ensuring Correct Patient, Correct Site, and Correct Procedure Surgery (Revised)

Statement on Sharps Safety (Revised)

Statement on Surgical Technology Training and Certification (Revised)

Statement on General Helmet Use

Statement on Operating Room Attire

Statement on Physician-Led Team-Based Surgical Care

Statement on Principles of Patient Education

Statement on Safety Belt Laws and Enforcement

Statement on Prevention of Non-Traffic Vehicle-Related Injuries in Children

Statement on Older Adult Burn Prevention

Statement on the Aging Surgeon


Statement on Physician Tiering and Narrow Network Programs

Statement in Support of Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Statement on Medical Liability Reform


Statement on Bicycle Safety and the Promotion of Bicycle Helmet Use

Statement on the Effects of Tobacco Use on Surgical Complications and the Utility of Smoking Cessation Counseling

Statement on Peak Performance and Management of Fatigue

Statement on Advance Directives by Patients: "Do Not Resuscitate" in the Operating Room (Revised)


Statement on Optimal Access

Statement on Firearm Injuries (Revised)


Statement on Council of Medical Specialty Societies’ Code for Interactions with Companies

Statement on Concussion and Brain Injury


Statement on Recommendations for Use of Real-Time Ultrasound Guidance for Placement of Central Venous Catheters (Revised)

Statement on the Physician Acting as an Expert Witness (Revised)


Statement on High-Performance Teams

Statement on Health Care Disparities


Statement on Medical and Surgical Tourism

Statement on All-Terrain Vehicle Injuries

Statement on Guidelines for Collaboration of Industry and Surgical Organizations in Support of Continuing Education (Revised)


Statement on the Surgical Workforce

Statement on Emergency Surgical Care

Statement on Surgery Using Lasers, Pulsed Light, Radiofrequency Devices, or Other Techniques (Revised)


Statement on Insurance, Alcohol-Related Injuries, and Trauma Centers

Statement on Principles of Patient Education

Statement in Support of Legislation Regarding Fire-Safe Cigarettes


Statement of Principles of Palliative Care

Statement on Restrictive Covenants

Statement on Prevention of Nontraffic Vehicle-Related Injuries in Children


Statement on Universal Health Insurance

Statement in Support of a Sustainable, Competent, and Diverse Nursing Workforce

Statement on the Surgeon and HIV Infection (Revised)

Statement on the Surgeon and Hepatitis (Revised)


Statement on Safety Belt Laws and Enforcement

Statement on Disaster and Mass Casualty Management


Statement on Residency Work Hours

Statement on Scope of Practice

Statement on Bicycle Safety and the Promotion of Bicycle Helmet Use

Statement on the Use of Animals in Research, Education, and Teaching (Revised)


Statement in Support of Motorcycle Helmet Laws


Recommendations for Facilities Performing Bariatric Surgery

Statement on Domestic Violence


Ultrasound Examinations by Surgeons

Physician Qualifications for Stereotactic Breast Biopsy: A Revised Statement

Verification by the American College of Surgeons for the Use of Emerging Technologies

Approval of Courses in New Skills


Statement on Principles Underlying Perioperative Responsibility

Statement on Indications for the Use of Permanently Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers


Statement on Issues to Be Considered Before New Surgical Technology Is Applied to the Care of Patients

Statement on Managed Care and the Trauma System


Statement of Recommendations to Ensure Quality of Surgical Services in Managed Care Environments

Statement on Emerging Surgical Technologies and the Evaluation of Credentials

Statement Regarding Clinical Trials

Statement on Surgical Residencies and the Educational Environment


Statement on Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic Procedures


Statement on Certificates of Special or Added Qualifications


Statement on Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Statement for the Advisory Council for General Surgery to the Board of Regents of the American College of Surgeons

Statement on Disclosure of Commercial Interest

Statement on Fundamental Characteristics of Surgical Residency Programs

Statement in Response to the Clinical Alert from the National Cancer Institute

Statement on Interprofessional Relations with Doctors of Chiropractic

Statement on Billing of Surgical Fees for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Treatment of Patients with Calculous Disease