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Student Loan Relief

Deferral of Payments and Interest on Government-Sponsored Student Loans

Under the CARES Act, payments on federal government-sponsored student loan payments were suspended and interest rates were temporarily reduced to 0 percent. This provision was scheduled to expire on September 30, 2020. An Executive Order signed by President Trump on August 8, 2020 extended those provisions through December 31, 2020.

COVID-19 Liability Protections and Limitations

COVID-19 and Liability Limitations for the Health Care Sector
Congressional Research Service

State-Level COVID-19 Liability Protections
Network for Public Health Law

Medical Malpractice Resources

Though there was no formal, consistent position on premium relief among the various malpractice insurance providers, many have been willing to work with their customers whose  practice has been impacted by the pandemic. Accommodations included refunding policy premiums or issuing credits applicable when either practice resumed or at policy renewal. Fellows should contact their individual malpractice insurance provider to discuss options available.





The Doctors Company

Hospitals Insurance Company (The Doctors Company Group)


MedPro Group (Medical Protective)




State Volunteer Mutual


Contractual Considerations
Stacy L. Cook
Partner, Barnes and Thornburgh, LLP

Assessing Your Hospital's Financial Health

COVID-19 and Financial Health of U.S. Hospitals
JAMA, June 2, 2020

Are U.S. Hospitals Still Recession Proof?
New England Journal of Medicine, July 20, 2020

CAH Financial Indicators Report: Summary of Indicator Medians by State
Flex Monitoring Team, April 2020

Regulatory Relief

CMS Reduces Administrative Burden Relative to Preoperative History and Physicals