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STOP THE BLEED State Advocacy

The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS COT) has identified STOP THE BLEED® as a priority advocacy issue to pursue legislative or executive action at the state level including the enactment of legislation on STOP THE BLEED® training, installation of bleeding control kits in public places and schools, and official recognition of the STOP THE BLEED® Campaign.

Why We Need STOP THE BLEED® Legislation in the States

Accidental injury is a leading cause of death in the United States. Uncontrolled hemorrhage (bleeding) is a leading cause of preventable traumatic death, and accidental injuries are increasingly the cause of mortality as deaths from cancer and heart disease decrease. In rural settings, up to 80 percent of deaths may occur in the prehospital setting, commonly from either fatal head injuries or uncontrolled hemorrhage.

In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense, the ACS developed STOP THE BLEED® to put the knowledge gained by first responders and military into the hands of the public to help save lives by stopping bleeding in emergency situations.

Much like training of the public in CPR and use of automatic defibrillators, research has shown that bystanders—with little to no medical training—can become heroic lifesavers. Improving public awareness about how to stop severe bleeding can become the beginning of the trauma care chain of survival and make the difference between life and death for an injured person.

Resources to Advocate for STOP THE BLEED®

The following resources and materials are for ACS Fellows to use to advocate for STOP THE BLEED® legislation and executive action in their state and the public to better understand the need for government action in support of STOP THE BLEED®.


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Stop the Bleed State Activity

Key Contacts

Doug Schuerer, MD FACS
Vice-Chair COT Advocacy Pillar and Chair STOP THE BLEED Sub-Committee

Christopher Johnson
Manager, State Affairs, ACS Division of Advocacy & Health Policy