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Data Visualizations and Collection

GE Healthcare

Updated May 12, 2020

Daily Report on Confirmed and Active COVID-19 Cases

Department of Homeland Security Issues Report on COVID-19 Trends as States Reopen

Updated May 8, 2020

As states begin to reopen, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has released an update on trends in the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the report issued May 6, some areas of the nation are experiencing increases in the number of COVID-19 cases, while others are witnessing declines.


Updated May 8, 2020

National Situation Report

ACS Registry Options and Guiding Principles for COVID-19 Outcomes Tracking

Posted May 5, 2020

Significant uncertainties exist regarding reopening shuttered surgical services and assuring that surgical structures and processes have been restored post-pandemic. The ACS advises that reopening surgical services in a post-pandemic period involves outcomes tracking at the institutional level for all surgical services. The ACS has developed a low-burden/low-cost registry as well as included COVID-19 variables in our high-fidelity registries, including the ACS National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP®) registry, to accomplish this goal.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Updated May 1, 2020

Situation Update

Factors That Do and Do Not Appear to Influence the Pace of Countries’ COVID-19 Outbreaks

Posted April 24, 2020

NYC Health

Updated April 21, 2020

COVID-19 Data from NYC Health

New ACS COVID-19 Patient Registry

Posted April 17, 2020

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has developed the ACS COVID-19 Registry, which is now available to all hospitals seeking to capture meaningful data about the COVID-19 patients they treat. The overarching priority of this registry is to collect important clinical patient data for a disease about which little is known.

The registry will collect data on COVID-19 patients who did not undergo surgery as well as COVID-19 patients who did.

The ACS COVID-19 Registry was developed with the input of several experts who are currently treating COVID-19 patients. They have advised the ACS as to what key variables should be collected. The final set of variables is based on the expected availability of relevant information and ease of data collection, as well as other factors.

Included data variables cover demographics, severity predictors, admission information, hospitalization information, therapies used, and discharge information. Participating hospitals will be able to capture all patients ages 18 and older and tracked from hospital admission through discharge.

The ACS has a long history of developing and maintaining clinical data registries for trauma, cancer, surgical quality improvement for adult and pediatric hospitals, and bariatric surgery. Relying on the decades of experience the ACS has with data collection and improving patient care, we also acknowledge the registry was created in an expedited time frame because of the immediate crisis. We will continue to monitor the variables that are collected, the definitions of the variables, and reiterate as needed. We are using REDCap as the data collection platform for the ACS COVID-19 Registry since it is a known system and easily accessible to all hospitals.

All hospitals can contribute. We ask that you help to advance our collective knowledge and understanding by participating in this important initiative. There is no fee to participate. We only request your commitment to collecting and submitting data. Please contact or Amy Sachs, Senior Manager, ACS Registry Operations, at to request more information and a copy of the participation form. Learn more about the ACS COVID-19 Registry.

Updated New York and Chicago COVID-19 Convention Center Care Conversion

Posted April 10, 2020

McCormick Place Construction

Javits Center Construction

GE Healthcare Releases Report on Confirmed and Active COVID-19 Cases

Posted April 8, 2020

GE Healthcare released a report April 1 describing the number of global confirmed and active cases of COVID-19. The U.S. has seen a sharp rise in new deaths, with the total number nearly doubling every three days. France now has the second highest number of newly confirmed cases per million population. Modeling effective and ineffective mitigation scenarios for the U.S. using trends from other countries reveals that U.S. active cases per million could peak at levels on par with Ireland, Israel, or the Netherlands in mid- to late-April.

Download the GE Healthcare report

New York and Chicago COVID-19 Convention Center Care Conversion

Posted April 8, 2020

McCormick Place Construction

Javits Center Construction

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Wales

Posted April 2, 2020

Management Algorithm for Patients with Clinically Suspected Appendicitis during COVID-19 Pandemic

The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland

Posted March 29, 2020

Considerations for Multidisciplinary Management of Patients with Colorectal Cancer during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 in China

Posted March 27, 2020

ACS Fellow Guixi Zhang, MBBS, MHSM, MTS, FACS, has provided an excellent overview of the COVID-19 situation as it developed, mushroomed, and became contained in China. Access the presentation.

Our World in Data

Posted March 20, 2020

Country by Country Coronavirus Case Trajectories