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Because many of you are experiencing the effects of the novel coronavirus and have questions about how to handle the anticipated onslaught of cases, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) developed a twice-weekly newsletter from the Bulletin to keep you informed and updated on best practices. The information in the newsletter was conceived and compiled by members of the ACS Board of Regents and Officers and is published under the aegis of our Division of Integrated Communications. We anticipate you will find this newsletter useful in providing optimal care to your patients.

Our goal is to keep you informed on how to address this ever-evolving pandemic using the best available information. The Regents and staff look forward to receiving your feedback. 


Issue 15—May 8, 2020

Issue 14—May 5, 2020

Issue 13—May 1, 2020

Issue 12—April 28, 2020

Issue 11—April 24, 2020

Issue 10—April 21, 2020

Issue 9—April 17, 2020

Issue 8—April 14, 2020

Issue 7—April 10, 2020

Issue 6—April 7, 2020

Issue 5—April 3, 2020

Issue 4—March 31, 2020

Issue 3—March 27, 2020

Issue 2—March 24, 2020

Issue 1—March 20, 2020