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Exported Ultrasound Courses

The National Ultrasound Faculty (NUF) has approved a series of ultrasound courses offered at the annual ACS Clinical Congress to be made available for export to other venues. By exporting the ultrasound courses, practicing surgeons are able to learn new skills at their location that may be directly applicable to their practice.

The ACS currently offers four ultrasound courses for export:

Ultrasound for Residents

Target audience: Surgical residents only
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This course is intended to provide residents in training with an introduction to ultrasound and to the basic skills needed to use ultrasound during their rotations. This course includes didactic sessions in the physics of ultrasound instrumentation and scanning techniques, and clinical applications. The hands-on stations will provide practice in breast, vascular, abdominal, chest, neck as well as interventional procedures including ultrasound guidance with human and phantom models.

The Ultrasound for Residents: Skills Companion online course is provided to every participant. This online course provides surgical residents with an overview of preparatory skills in ultrasound imaging. The ultrasound techniques discussed in this online course will be demonstrated in the live skills workshop setting.

FAST Ultrasound

4 CME credit hours, Verification Level II
Target audience:
Practicing physicians and surgical residents

This half-day course will orient the provider to the indications for and limitations of FAST (focused assessment by sonography in trauma). Through lectures, case presentation, and hands-on training, participants will learn how and when to perform a FAST and thoracic ultrasound.

Focused ECHO/ICU Ultrasound Applications

8 CME credit hours, Verification Level II
Target audience:
practicing physicians and surgical residents

The course focuses on the ICU patient population and includes novel and relevant skills for the surgical provider who practices in this setting. Included in this module is an introduction to the use of a limited echocardiogram to assess cardiac function. The didactic sessions will include thoracic imaging and instrumentation; central line insertion; vascular imaging; and limited echocardiography. The hands-on sessions will include thoracic imaging, vascular imaging, and ECHO.

Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Neck Ultrasound

7.75 CME credit hours, Verification Level II
Target audience:
Practicing physicians and surgical residents

The objective of this course is to introduce the practicing surgeon to office-based ultrasound examination of the thyroid and parathyroid glands and related pathology. The distinction of normal from malignant lymphadenopathy is emphasized with a demonstration of the comprehensive examination of lymph node basins in cervical zones I-VI. The process of ultrasound guided FNA of thyroid nodules and enlarged lymph nodes is demonstrated in didactic lecture format. In addition skill sessions allow the surgeon to learn varied techniques of FNA of lesions in phantom models.

The use of patient volunteers with thyroid and parathyroid pathology and lymphadenopathy will allow supervised hands-on experience with transverse and longitudinal ultrasound methods. Participants will be instructed in the practical details and hurdles in developing office-based ultrasound.


Each ultrasound skills course has a prerequisite of The Ultrasound for Surgeons: A Basic Course, 3rd Edition, the new UltraSound Essentials for Surgeons (USES) online course. Successful completion of the 3rd Edition online course (or an equivalent Basic Ultrasound course) is required prior to the course. Registrants may purchase the 3rd Edition online course directly from American College of Surgeons.

To purchase the UltraSound Essentials for Surgeons Course, please visit ACS Education and Training. When you visit ACS Education and Training, log in to see Member pricing in the cart. For non-members, if you have made a purchase with the ACS before, log into your ACS web profile. First-time visitors will need to create an ACS web profile.

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