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ACS Surgeons as Leaders: From Operating Room to Boardroom

Course Rescheduled

The ACS Surgeons as Leaders course scheduled for April 3 – 6, 2022, has been postponed until sometime in late 2022.

Additional information will be forthcoming as soon as the new date is confirmed.

Course Description

Today’s medical environment—both in the academic and private practice worlds—is challenging, complex, and unpredictable.

The need for leadership has never been greater, and the demands on leaders are ever escalating. The purpose of this course is to provide surgeons with an understanding of leadership at all levels of an organization and provide them with the skills that are essential to effective leadership. Difficult leadership issues—such as navigating the operational and human aspects of change, cultivating commitment to a shared vision and goals, building teams, and developing strategies for leading up, down, and across the institutional environment—will be addressed.

In addition to introducing new leadership skills, the course faculty will assist participants in recognizing and developing the attributes of leadership they already possess. The three-day course will include lectures, interactive forums with senior surgical leaders, panel discussions, role playing, and case-based instructional strategies. Leadership skills, as differentiated from management skills, will be the focus of the course.


Whether in the operating room or in the boardroom, surgeons in academic medical centers as well as community hospitals must be able to:

  • Exhibit the attributes of a leader to effectively resolve leadership challenges
  • Use consensus development and vision to set, align, and achieve goals
  • Build and maintain effective teams
  • Change culture, resolve conflict, and balance demands within the larger environment
  • Lead oneself with insight regarding personal perspectives that impact effectiveness
  • Utilize innovative approaches to address evolving concerns during organizational change
  • Translate the principles of leadership into action

Join senior surgical leaders in a dynamic three-day course for surgeons who aspire to meet the challenges of exemplary leadership across all settings.

Intended Participants

The course is designed for surgeons who currently serve in leadership positions, or aspire to such positions, and who seek to enhance their leadership skills across a wide variety of settings, from operating room to boardroom.

Surgeons in community practice and academic practice who want to advance their skills in leading people, groups, and organizations will find the course beneficial. The emphasis will be on leadership; management of such entities and the skills generally associated with management will not be addressed in the course.

What participants are saying about the course:

“This was literally the best course/meeting that I have gone to since my residency. I will absolutely go home and recommend it to several colleagues! Faculty was fantastic! Easy to talk to about everything and very welcoming.”

“The single most important, useful, and relevant educational course I have ever participated in. The personal openness to share with honesty their experiences and insights by the faculty was a particular strength. A very personable group.”

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Course Questions

Please contact Melanie Thorsen, MBAHC, CRA, Senior Manager, Continuing Education Programs and Lifelong Learning, at