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ACS Education and Training

Education and Training Campaign interior

Today, more than ever, surgeons face accelerated change. While science, technology, and techniques continue to evolve, there’s only so much time to stay current with the latest surgical advances. ACS Education and Training is a trusted partner to teach surgeons what they need to know, when and where they want it. ACS education programs embody a century of experience in what works in surgical education and provide access to top instructors and the latest technologies.

The buttons remind Clinical Congress attendees of three key messages being communicated through the campaign.

  1. The cornerstone of excellence. ACS Education and Training programs enable surgeons to learn new skills and techniques through leading-edge approaches, such as simulation.
  2. Transforming possibilities into realities. ACS Education and Training programs support surgeons throughout their career at key turning points such as transition to practice, acquiring a new subspecialty or stepping into a leadership or educator role.
  3. Instilling the joy of lifelong learning. The goal of ACS Education and Training is to help surgeons embrace the joy of lifelong learning and direct them to the information and skills they need now to continue to achieve the best outcomes for their patients.

Over the coming months, stay tuned as ACS introduces new ways to communicate about our ACS Education and Training offerings via video, graphics, podcasts, and stories in the news media.

Download the Surgical Excellence Founded on Education and Training video