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The use and abuse of prescription opioids has increased dramatically in recent years and has become a major public health concern. Managing this crisis and mitigating its impact requires a collaborative effort among health care providers, insurers, consumers, and all levels of government. The American College of Surgeons (ACS) believes that the magnitude and scope of the opioid epidemic warrants urgent action and we stand ready to represent the surgeon’s voice as policymakers search for effective solutions to prevent further harm from the misuse of opioid analgesics.

The ACS puts the welfare of our surgical patients above all else, and we believe that surgeons, as prescribers, can play a role in optimizing pain management strategies that will decrease frequent and prolonged opioid use. The College, with its 100-year history in establishing standards for the national improvement of surgical care, is committed to the implementation of a multimodal plan focused on policy, physician education, and patient/caregiver education to address opioid abuse.