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Prepare for Your Operation

Preparing for Your Operation and Recovery

You have a role in your recovery. We encourage you to utilize our Preparing for Your Operation resources to keep you better informed. Research shows that people who are well-informed about their treatment options enjoy a better outcome and are more satisfied with their results.

Health Resources

The world of medicine can be confusing to navigate if you’re not familiar with it. Therefore, we’ve included some helpful resources: a medical encyclopedia, medical library, and a resource to help you understand your lab tests. Resources also can be found for individuals who are underinsured.

Cancer Resources

Treating cancer can sometimes require an operation. The cancer resource area will help you to find information and resources for a specific cancer topic. Resources include a list of credible organizations specializing in cancer research, cancer data, and patient education resources. Other resources include cancer treatment guidelines, clinical trials, and how to find an Accredited Cancer Treatment Center.

Spanish Resources

Recursos en Español