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SESAP 17 Features

SESAP® 17 was created using a rigorous, multistep process of question development and peer review by 54 expert practicing surgeons. The result is an indispensable, robust learning experience based on more than four decades of SESAP tradition promoting expertise and excellence. SESAP 17 includes the following:

  • 650 newly constructed, case-based, multiple-choice questions covering 13 categories of general surgery
  • Concise critiques with evidence-based explanations for all answer options
  • Supporting references from current literature, with links to PubMed abstracts and other online references
  • Radiographic images, photographs, videos, and other educational media
  • Immediate feedback to facilitate mastery of content
  • Reset options to reuse the program for focused learning
  • Personal performance summary
  • Optimization for use on mobile devices with the same content as the desktop web version

Explore new features in SESAP 17 to reinforce learning:

  • Move across categories for self-directed study
  • Save notes, bookmark content, and personalize folders in “My Library” 
  • Highlight text for repeat study
  • Scan 162 flashcards for reinforcement of topics
  • Access desired information quickly through targeted search functionality
  • Compare your answers and scores with peers
  • Complete practice tests with randomized questions to strengthen learning*

The web version of SESAP 17 will be available online until December 31, 2022, when the program is retired. All continuing medical Education (CME) credit for SESAP 17 must be claimed by October 31, 2022.

*CME packages only