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National Ultrasound Faculty

National Ultrasound Faculty

The National Ultrasound Faculty (NUF) of the American College of Surgeons was developed to address the educational and practical needs of surgeons and surgical residents in ultrasound applications.  To this end, the NUF develops ultrasound curricula and programs with the intent of providing practicing surgeons and surgical trainees and residents with the knowledge and skills required to safety utilize ultrasound in surgical practice. To ensure the highest level of safe ultrasound practice, the NUF addresses standards for the verification of ultrasound skills, which directly translates into a certification process.


All surgeons, across all specialties, will utilize ultrasound (diagnostic, procedural, and interventional) to its fullest extent in their surgical practices to improve the outcomes of their patients.


To provide a platform for furthering the education and practice of surgical ultrasound by surgeons. 

  • Provide standardized educational programs in ultrasound for practicing surgeons and surgical trainees and residents.
  • Lead the surgical community in establishing standards for the verification/certification of skill in surgical ultrasound.
  • Collaborate with surgical specialty societies to deliver educational programs and to establish standards for verification/certification of skill.
  • Collaborate with certifying bodies to increase the education and training of surgical residents and trainees in surgical ultrasound.

National Ultrasound Faculty of the ACS