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The Surgical Metrics Project

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The Surgical Metrics Project was introduced to attendees during Clinical Congress 2019. The Surgical Metrics Project booth provided participants with the opportunity to engage in an exploration of the use of wearable technologies to measure surgical decision making and surgical technique.

At the booth, wearable technologies were used to build a database of surgical decision making and technical approaches during repair of a small bowel enterotomy. A total of 10 procedure stations were available, and the exercise took less than 30 minutes. Each participant was equipped with magnetic motion tracking technology synchronized with headgear that captured video and audio data. Working in sync, these instruments provided a moment-to-moment account of each step and decision that a surgeon made while operating and measure time and flow efficiency to provide an accurate assessment of the surgical process.

All participants received a short report on their performance. The data will be analyzed to answer the following questions:

  • What decisions do surgeons make when faced with a surgical task?
  • How do their decisions and technical approaches affect outcomes/bowel repair quality?
  • Can this database serve as a benchmarking resource for trainees?
  • Is there an expert strategy or evidenced-based approach that can be discovered in the data and shared with participants?
  • Can this database serve as a platform to discuss the possibility of longitudinal, personal assessment where participants track their own performance throughout their career?

The program is sponsored by the ACS Committee on Surgical Skills Training for Practicing Surgeons. Join the conversation and tweet about your experience with this program using #surgicalmetrics.