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Chapter Responsibilities for Nominating Governors

The Board of Governors represents Fellows of ACS and serve as the official communication link between Fellows and the Board of Regents.

Governors can serve up to two three-year terms and their responsibilities fall under three main headings:

  1. Attend: Clinical Congress, Spring Leadership Summit (domestic only), chapter meetings
  2. Communicate: bidirectional communication between the Board of Governors and your constituents, promote Fellowship and engage new Fellows
  3. Participate: active engagement with at least one workgroup, complete annual survey, attend quarterly webinars

Chapters play an essential role in nominating Governors as outlined below:

  1. Chapter Secretaries, with a copy to the chapter administrator, are notified via email of a pending Governor vacancy.
  2. The Secretary acquires nominations for Governor to be presented to the Chapter’s council.
  3. The council will select two individuals from the nominations-one nominee for Governor and an alternate.
  4. The nominee’s and alternate’s information is then forwarded to the Board of Governors Administrator by June 30. The ACS Division of Member Services has put together a form and requirements for this purpose.
  5. Include the nominee’s CV. The alternate is not required to submit this item.
  6. These two names and accompanying information are then presented to the Nominating Committee of the Fellows for review and approval.

When considering candidates for Governor, the following should be considered:

  1. Open, deliberate, advertised nomination to the chapter membership.
  2. Outline and address issues of diversity (gender, race, geography, rural/urban, academic/private) to promote equal opportunity for qualified candidates.

Please visit the Board of Governors web page for more information.