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The Commission on Cancer State Chair’s Relationship with Chapters

Established in 1963, the Cancer Liaison Program of the Commission on Cancer was developed as a grassroots network of physician volunteers willing to manage clinically related cancer activities in their local institutions and surrounding communities. The Cancer Liaison Program is composed of a network of 1,500 Cancer Liaison Physicians (CLP) and 64 state chairs who provide leadership to the CLPs in their state or region.

State chairs hold a variety of responsibilities, but one of the most important is to collaborate with local groups including ACS chapters. State chairs must:

  1. Serve as an ex officio member of the chapter council (via their bylaws, chapters may determine if state chairs shall have voting rights)
  2. Annually, state chairs are expected to provide a written or verbal report on Commission on Cancer (CoC) activities to their chapter
  3. Host an annual cancer research paper competition

The Chapter Council is responsible for selecting the individual to be appointed by the CoC to the role of State Chair. State Chairs are appointed to a three-year term and can serve a second term based on evaluation of their performance. The CoC will review data from the annual Activity Reports completed by both the State Chair and ACS staff prior to offering the State Chair a second term.

Upon expiration of his/her term, State Chairs are expected to recommend a replacement and assist in ensuring a smooth transition of the incoming State Chair. If a State Chair is unresponsive or inactive in several areas, he/she can be asked to step down from his/her position at any time.

Please visit the Cancer Liaison Program website for more information.