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Most chapter leaders hold office via a sequential advancement through the officer structure of the chapter before attaining the office of president. This advancement may come through service on committees of the chapter, the College, or through active participation in the affairs of the chapter council.

Chapter presidents are elected for one or two-year terms. Candidates should possess qualities of leadership and a commitment to furthering the aims and objectives of the chapter and the College.

Chapter presidents have two central responsibilities: keeping the chapter focused on meeting its goals and upholding the mission of the College and overseeing the officers and committees of the chapter. Responsibilities may include:

  1. Monitor the progress of the chapter in view of its short and long-term goals.
  2. Preside, and offer a report to members, at the annual meeting of the chapter and all meetings of the council or governing body.
  3. Serve as spokesperson for the chapter in representing the interests of surgery at the state or provincial and local community levels.
  4. Extend chapter influence by maintaining good relations or partnering with other chapters, state or provincial medical associations, and lay organizations.
  5. Create appropriate chapter committees; provide guidance to committees to enable them to fulfill their responsibilities. These may be long-term or ad hoc committees created for a specific purpose for the short term.
  6. Keep current with new information and policies from the College; communicate the information to chapters.
  7. Maintain a close relationship with the College, including the Division of Member Services, when conducting chapter activities and programs. Proactively communicate local needs and ideas to the College.
  8. Represent the chapter at national ACS meetings or delegate this responsibility to another chapter officer. Examples include Chapter Officer Leadership Program, Clinical Congress and Leadership and Advocacy Summit
  9. Recognize the achievements of chapter members