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Marketing and Sponsorship

Marketing for the Meeting/Event

  • A dedicated webpage on the chapter website should be set up at least one year in advance of the meeting with relevant information and meeting details.
  • A preliminary email or postcard notifying members of the meeting/event should be sent out as soon as the date is available. Although you might not have your agenda formed yet, you want to let attendees know the date, time and venue as soon as possible so that they may hold the date. Be sure to include ACS members who are not yet chapter members in your communications as this is a great recruitment strategy. Also share meeting information with residency program directors and coordinators.
  • Those chapters that use social media sites should post meeting news on that site.
  • Remember to send out reminders leading up to the event, and include speakers and moderators in your reminders.
  • Sending your agenda and other print materials to a local print shop for production may take time. When a CME application is involved that relies on responses from others before the agenda may be printed it is wise to review your schedule for all to make sure that you can make print deadlines with the service that you are using. Refer to the guidelines for Chapter CME when creating copy for your agenda. Specific text must be included to conform with the CME procedures if credit is to be granted.


  • Invite exhibitors or vendors to participate as far in advance as possible, with at least 6 months' notice. 
  • Display floor planning and exhibitor guidelines—this should be done while working with the venue meeting planner.
  • Consider different levels of sponsorship and related offerings per sponsorship level—typical is Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze.
    (A rule of thumb—in the association world meeting sponsorships currently start at $1000)
  • Acknowledge sponsors and vendors verbally from the podium during breaks; slides listing meeting supporter’s names may scroll outside of the meeting room when CME credit applies to the meeting. The same with printed banners—this acknowledgement should be outside of the presentation room, but in a place for attendees to see.
  • Include vendor and donor names to attendee badges or lanyards.
  • Consider having a drawing for a prize for attendees that have visited a set number of vendors. A card that each vendor stamps after visiting with the attendee is then entered into a drawing.

Sponsorship of Meeting Events

  • Tax deductible if the Chapter is designated as an appropriate non-profit entity. Possibilities for sponsorship include:
    • Resident travel award/attendee fee to the meeting
    • Resident competition and meals/snacks associated with the event
    • Resident Prizes
    • Social event