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ACS Committees on Applicants

The Committees on Applicants are the local interviewing committees of the College. Each committee is responsible for investigating, interviewing, and evaluating the applicants for Fellowship in their local area and for providing the College with a recommendation as to each applicant’s eligibility for Fellowship.  There are currently 117 individual Committees on Applicants located in the United States and Canada.

About the Committees

  • The area encompassed by a committee is not necessarily the same as the geographic area encompassed by an ACS Chapter. For example, a state may have one chapter, but have four or more interviewing committees.
  • Committee on Applicants interview meetings may be held in conjunction with a Chapter meeting/event (as long as it fits into the timeline below).
  • The members of the committees are appointed for a three year term with an option of being reappointed for two additional terms.
  • Each committee meets once each year to conduct interviews with the applicants for Fellowship.

Committee Openings

The Committees on Applicants needs new members fill vacancies across North America. Applications are due by May 31.

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Committees Timeline




Letters are sent to ACS Chapter Presidents and Administrators/Executive Directors requesting recommendations for any changes to committee membership


Committee members appointed for the following year

December 1

Deadline for receipt of ACS Fellowship applications


Applicant information sent to Committee on Applicants

March through May

All Committees conduct interviews

May 15

Deadline for committees to submit the applicant reports to ACS

May through June

Applicants are submitted to the Board of Regents for review and approval

June 30

Deadline for notifying applicants of the action taken on their applications for Fellowship


Clinical Congress–Approved applicants become Fellows

Committee Responsibilities

Committee Chair

Each committee chair is provided with the information and materials necessary to evaluate and interview applicants for Fellowship within their geographic area.  The chair is responsible for:

  • Arranging the applicant interview meeting;
  • Notifying applicants of the date, time and location of the interview meeting;
  • Notifying committee members of the date, time and location of the interview meeting;
  • Conducting applicant interviews – the applicant report form should be referred to as a template for conducting the interviews;
  • Making a recommendation on the eligibility of each applicant; and
  • Completing a report form for each applicant and returning it to the College.

Note. The College provides Chairs of Committees on Applicants $20 per applicant to help defray expenses for interview meetings.

Committee Members

  • Assist with the interviews of the applicants;
  • Review each applicant's biographical summary and surgical list; and
  • Should be willing to conduct additional research of an applicant upon the request of the committee chair.

Chapter Involvement

Each year the College asks ACS Chapters for recommendations of local Fellows who might be interested in serving on the local Committee on Applicants for the next cycle.

Recommendations for Committee on Applicants members must be:

  • Fellows of the College in good standing;
  • Actively practicing surgeons;
  • Willing to participate in the interview process, including researching applicant backgrounds upon request; and
  • Objective in their review of applicants for College Fellowship.

Factors to consider when choosing Committees on Applicants members:

  • Geographic diversity of committee members—rural vs. urban, representation from the major geographic regions within the committee’s area;
  • Diversity as to type of practice—academic vs. private practice, a variety of surgical specialties;
  • Representation from the major medical facilities—hospitals or medical schools—within the committee area;
  • Diversity of age, race, and gender—It is felt that diversity strengthens the ACS by providing differing perspectives and by promoting inclusion; 
  • Member should be willing to serve a minimum of one three-year term (with the option to be reappointed for two additional terms).

Note. The final decision as to whether a recommended Fellow will be appointed to act as a member of a Committee on Applicants is based on the needs of the individual committee. The selection process also includes input from the College. Committee membership is finalized in October of each year for the following year’s Committees on Applicants. Recommendations received after committee membership has been finalized for a particular year will be kept on file for the next appointment cycle.

Sheree Crayton, Committee on Applicants Administrator, at 312-202-5766 or

Informational Webinar

This webinar provides information for the Committees on Applicants concerning how to conduct the interviews of applicants for Fellowship.

Download the PDF version for additional information.