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ACS Board of Regents Innovative Grant for DEI and Anti-Racism

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Board of Regents Taskforce on Racial Issues is pleased to announce a matching grant program focused on funding innovative and impactful research projects and programs dealing with diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism issues. The ACS intends to catalyze efforts of professional societies, academic departments of surgery, and surgeons, in all surgical specialties, toward the goal of advancing anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in the field of surgery.

The ACS Taskforce on Racial Issues is soliciting innovative proposals and programs that will improve the diversity and gender balance of our surgical workforce and its cultural competency, will enrich the pipeline of underrepresented in medicine (URiM) surgeons, and will reduce the disparities in the delivery of health care, particularly in the equitable management of surgically related diseases. The ACS Taskforce on Racial Issues encourages the submission of innovative anti-racism DEI programs that can be used as templates for wide dissemination throughout the College's reach.

Grant Details

This request for application is open to all surgical professional societies, departments of surgery, or group practices. The ACS Taskforce on Racial Issues will award eight grants—four $25,000 grants and four $50,000 grants—for one year, with an identical amount matched by the society, department, practice (entity).

Any Fellow in good standing of the ACS may apply as the principal investigator or project lead on the grant application.

Application Information

Interested applicants must submit a 2–3-page description of the project, and including the following:

  • Project title
  • Name of the principal investigator or project lead
  • Sponsoring entity
  • Specific project specific aims, methodology and anticipated outcomes to effect DEI/anti-racism
  • Project plan
  • Budget

In addition, a support letter from the sponsoring entity's leadership committing to matching funds and a letter of intent from the project lead must accompany the application letter. The project lead and the entity should include a statement in their respective letters that they each grant the ACS the right to disseminate their program within its reach.

The selection committee reserves the right to review potentially overlapping awards and adjust its award accordingly.

Only one application per surgical department, society, organization, or practice group will be accepted.

This application is now closed.  If there is any interest in future application dates, please contact the Scholarships Administrator at

Reporting Requirements

A written report describing the accomplishments and impact of the project during the funding year is required at the conclusion of the project.