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Previous Awardees of the Organ Traveling Fellowship

Fabian M. Johnston, MD, MHS, FACS2018

Fabian M. Johnston, MD, MHS, FACS

Johns Hopkins University • Baltimore, MD
Dr. Johnston began to develop a research network between U.S. and European allies in the fight to improve the lives of patients who would otherwise be committed to only palliative therapies.

Kakra Hughes, MD, FACS2017

Kakra Hughes, MD, FACS

Howard University • Washington, DC
Dr. Hughes visited locations in Ethiopia and Ghana to begin to develop partnerships and a program for resident training in vascular surgery.

Stephanie Bonne, MD, FACS2016

Stephanie Bonne, MD, FACS

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School • Newark, NJ
Dr. Bonne studied a successful hospital-based violence intervention program in San Francisco, CA, in order to develop one at her home institution.

Kathie-Ann Joseph, MD, MPH, FACS2015

Kathie-Ann Joseph, MD, MPH, FACS

NYC Langone Medical Center • New York, NY
Dr. Joseph performed research on how health care systems work in another major metropolitan area, particularly for underserved women patients. She attended the AACR Science of Cancer Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnic Minorities and the Medically Underserved Conference.

Catherine J. Hunter, MD, FACS2014

Catherine J. Hunter, MD, FACS

Lurie Children’s Hospital • Chicago, IL
Dr. Hunter traveled to key conferences to learn how women surgeons become skilled mentors. She worked with experts in the field to develop her mentoring skills, learn to build a research team, develop outside collaborations, and enhance her grant writing.

Anees B. Chagpar, MD, MSc, MPA, FACS, FRCSC2013

Anees B. Chagpar, MD, MSc, MPA, FACS, FRCSC

Yale University • New Haven, CT
Dr. Chagpar visited hospitals and health systems in India as part of her research into management of cancer internationally.


Keith D. Amos, MD, FACS

University of North Carolina • Raleigh, NC
Dr. Amos visited the Edinburgh Breast Unit of the General Western Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland, observing their management of malignant and benign breast disease, surgical techniques, and ongoing clinical research projects.


Carla M. Pugh, MD, FACS

Northwestern University • Chicago, IL
Dr. Pugh attended training courses at the Annual Clinical and Translational Research and Education Meeting to learn research techniques necessary to move her research into actual patient outcomes.

Melina R. Kibbe, MD, FACS2010

Melina R. Kibbe, MD, FACS

Northwestern University • Chicago, IL
Dr. Kibbee attended the yearlong Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine course for women at the University of Arizona, Phoenix.


Bridget Fahy, MD, FACS

Weill Cornell Medical College • New York, NY
Dr. Fahy participated in the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Clinical Scholars program.

Patricia Turner, MD, FACS2008

Patricia Turner, MD, FACS

University of Maryland Medical Center • Baltimore, MD
Dr. Turner performed collaborative research on patient history and surgical outcomes with the anesthesia outcome research group at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH.