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2018 YFA Advocacy Essays

The Young Fellows Association (YFA) of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) annually hosts an essay contest to encourage members to think about the profession from a particular lens. In 2018, the lens articulated by surgeons about the joy and privilege experienced by advocating for patients care in local, state, or federal legislative arenas. Below are the surgeons’ response to this essay prompt. Enjoy!

The Joy and Privilege of a Surgical Career
Benjamin P. Caughlin, MD, FACS

The Privilege to Save Sight
Courtney Crawford, MD, FACS

The Resident of General Surgery in Mexico Today
Jaime Garcia Espinoza, MD

The Joy and Privilege of a Surgical Career
Bhavuk Garg, MBBS, FACS

We Can Always Do More
Rodolfo Jose Oviedo, MD, FACS

Empathy and Protection for Kidney Donors
Ronald Parsons, MD, FACS

Patient Advocacy: Not Operating on a Surgical Problem
Krista Puttler, MD, FACS

Young Fellows Advocacy and Action
Alexandra Roginsky, MD, FACS

To Cut Isn’t Always to Cure
Libby Schroeder, MD, FACS

The Joy of the Profession
Pablo Serrano, MD

A Joy Reclaimed
Erica Sutton, MD, FACS

The Joy and Privilege of a Surgical Career
Cristiane Ueno, MD, FACS