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The following individuals serve in leadership roles with the Young Fellows Association (YFA) of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Individuals interested in being considered for appointment to the YFA Governing Council, to a committee, or to serve as a liaison representative to a College Chapter, Advisory Council, Board of Governors Workgroup, or ACS Committee should send their interest to

Governing Council

Chair: Amalia Stefanou, MD, FACS

Chair-Elect: Cynthia Talley, MD, FACS

YFA Governing Council

Organizational Structure

Bylaws of the Young Fellows Association


Get InvolvedFive YFA workgroups are open to member participation. For additional information on a specific committee, or to join a committee, contact

Advocacy & Issues Workgroup
Chair: Jason Wilson, MD, FACS

Communications Workgroup
Chair: Christopher DuCoin, MD, FACS

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workgroup
Chair: William Ward, MD, MS, FACS

Education Workgroup
Chair: Nicholas Mouawad, MD, FACS

Member Services Workgroup
Chair: Claudia Emami, MD, FACS

Quality Workgroup
Chair: Joseph Sakran, MD, FACS

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YFA 2020

What is the Young Fellows Association, and How Do I Get Involved?

While Clinical Congress might have been virtual in 2020, young fellows under 45 years of age still connected during a 90-minute virtual meeting. Listen to YFA Chair Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD, FACS, as he shares what YFA is doing for young surgeons, and how young surgeons can contribute.

Get Involved

YFA Get Involved

Get involved in our group of future ACS leaders