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Membership Workgroup


Cindy Talley, MD, FACS

About Us

The role of the Membership Workgroup is to increase awareness of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and its benefits among Young Fellows and promote programs and initiatives that serve the needs of Young Fellows; provide a voice for Young Fellows at all levels of the College, in all types of practice, throughout the country and the world.


  • Produce and keep current a presentation outlining benefits of ACS fellowship to young surgeons
  • Host a forum for Young Fellows at the annual Clinical Congress
  • Share in the development of education programs presented at the Leadership Conference and Clinical Congress
  • Provide assistance to the local chapters’ YFA representative in building their local program by serving as a clearinghouse of ideas to be shared with local chapters
  • Maintain a database of active Young Fellows and their specific areas of interest in the College, and engage these Fellows in projects that utilize their energy and talent to further the needs of the College
  • Survey all Young Fellows in the College to identify areas of interest or need
  • Use the above information to develop programs directed at improving Initiate numbers and improving Young Fellow retention and tracking, and report these outcomes over time
  • Serve as young-surgeon liaisons to all College governing bodies and standing committees
  • Establish a program to maintain contact with international Fellows, age 45 and younger, who express interest in participating in the activities of the ACS, and encourage their participation in regular YFA and ACS programs