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YFA Mentor Programs

Pairing experienced ACS leaders with young surgeon members.

The Young Fellows Association (YFA) annually supports two mentoring programs for young surgeons. These two programs support of the College's overall goal to provide career and skill-building educational opportunities and valuable engagement experiences for our members. The YFA Mentor Programs sponsored offer both young and experienced surgeons the opportunity to participate in these experiences. 

YFA Speed Mentoring Program

At in-person Clinical Congress events, the YFA invites Resident Members and Associate Fellows of the College to engage as mentees, and invites YFA members to serve as mentors at a Speed Mentoring Program. During the session, mentees meet with up to five surgical mentors during a quick-paced, hour-long event. The YFA hopes to hold a Speed Mentoring Event during the next in-person Clinical Congress meeting.

YFA Annual Mentor Program

The Annual Mentor Program creates a one-year triad mentor match to foster engagement in the ACS, cultivate leadership skills, and knowledge of the ACS. Mentoring teams are made up of three people:

  • Early-career surgeon: An Associate Fellow (ACS member out of training, but not yet a FACS) who traditionally will serve as a mentee in this triad relationship
  • Mid-level-career surgeon: A Young Fellow (ACS Fellow under the age of 45) who might serve as a mentor to the early career surgeon and a mentee alongside an advanced professional
  • Advanced professional or retiree: An ACS Fellow who has practiced for more than 10 years

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