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Clinical Updates

American Board of Urology Certifying Exams: Update from ACS Advisory Council for Urology

by Roger Dmochowski, MD, FACS

The American Board of Urology (ABU) completed the certifying (oral) examinations May 21–22 in a virtual fashion using a new dual examiner format. No substantive technology-related issues were encountered, and all examinees were able to complete the exam. Beginning in March 2022, the ABU will initiate certifying examination testing at the American Board of Anesthesia Testing Center in Raleigh, NC. This new locale will allow in-person dual examiner testing, in addition to exam recording. The location also allows for new exam administration formats that are inclusive of the potential integration of objective standardized clinical evaluations. The ABU continues to evaluate the certifying exam format for relevance to real world practice and pertinence of knowledge content.