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1. Spontaneous Pancreaticoduodenal Artery Pseudoaneurysm Rupture

Sarah M. Kling, MD; and Jordan Winter, MD, FACS
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2. Diagnostic Laparoscopy for Penetrating Trauma: CO2 Embolus Causing Hemodynamic Collapse

Olga R Garcia, DO; Joseph M Losh, DO; Barry R Sanchez, MD, FACS; and Javier A Romero, MD, FACS
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3. Embolic Stroke Caused by Lower Extremity Gunshot Wound

Seyed A. Arshad, MD; Andrew C. Christensen, MD; Jonathan Marinaro, MD; and Sundeep S. Guliani, MD
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4. Cyclosporine-Associated Phyllodes Tumors and Fibroadenomata in an Adolescent Female

Ashley D. Marumoto, MD; and Sidney M. Johnson, MD
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5. Leiomyosarcoma Arising from the Great Saphenous Vein

Kelly Fairbairn, DO; Mrugesh Shah, MD; Javier Romero, MD, FACS; and Shawn Steen, MD, FACS
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6. Prolonged Allograft Survival in Immunocompromised Patients

Kristen Hardy, BS; Cody Mullens BS; Ian McCulloch BS, BA, M.Res; Ernest K. Manders, MD; Cristiane Ueno, MD; and A. Corde Mason, MD, FACS, FAAP
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7. Penetrating Chest Trauma from a Crossbow Injury

Shana M. Zucker, BA; Alison A. Smith, MD, PhD; Shahrzad Talebinejad, MD; Chrissy Guidry, DO; Patrick McGrew, MD; Clifton McGinness, MD, FACS; Juan Duchesne, MD, FACS; and Rebecca Schroll, MD, FACS
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8. Absence of Ascending Colon, Persistent Transverse Colon, and Highly Movable Cecum: A Rare Congenital Abnormality with High Risk of Volvulus Formation

Nataliya Bocharova MS3; and Ian Katz, MD
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9. An Uncommon Presentation of FDG-PET Avid Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Adrenal Metastasis

Whitney A. Wright, MD; Andrew P. Collins, BS; and Adnan A. Alseidi, MD, EdM, FACS
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10. Recurrent Ileal J Pouch Volvulus

Gabrielle M. Perrotti, BA; Omar Marar, MD; and Benjamin R. Phillips MD, FACS, FASCRS
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11. Spontaneous Hemoperitoneum in Sigmoid Diverticular Disease

Sukhmine Nedopil, MD; and Shahin Foroutan, MD, FACS
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12. Lymphangiography for Treatment of Postoperative Lymphocele after Kidney Transplant

Meredith A. Gunder, MD; Ryan Cobb, MD; Dylan Cuva, BS; Joseph N. Panaro, MD; and Kwan N. Lau, MD
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13. Hemorrhagic Cholecystitis

Boxiang Jiang, MD; Katherine Bingmer, MD; and John Ammori, MD
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14. Isolated Carcinoma in Colostomy Site Following Proctectomy for Recurrent Rectal Cancer

Shlomo Yellinek, MD; Dimitri Krrizuk, MD; Dan Lavy, MD; and Juan J. Nogueras, MD
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15. Extra-Appendiceal Goblet Cell Carcinoid of the Ascending Colon

Thomas Murickan, MD; Chibueze Onyemkpa, MD; Christopher Flynn, MD; and Srinivas Kavuturu, MD, FACS
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