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Up at 5:00 am, in the OR by 6:00 am, team meeting at 2:00 pm, home by 10:00 pm—maybe. Surgeons lead incredibly busy and ever-demanding lives. For nearly 42 years, staying attuned to the needs of today’s surgeons to help improve patient outcomes has been the most important mission of Selected Readings in General Surgery (SRGS®), which is why right now couldn’t be a better time to introduce the new SRGS audio companion.

In addition to reading SRGS in print, online, and on any mobile device, subscribers can now listen to the premier evidence-based content they depend on to remain on the cutting edge of a more-relevant practice.

“When we prepare content for presentation to our readers we consider three factors: quality, relevance, and accessibility,” said Lewis Flint, MD, FACS, SRGS Editor in Chief. “In response to opinions expressed by a number of surgeons, we want to take SRGS’ accessibility to the next level with this audio feature. Our hope is that this new offering will permit surgeons to access SRGS content in even more locations, and we look forward to our subscribers’ feedback as we launch this new feature.”

Listen to a demo of SRGS Liver, Part I

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