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The relevant and revolving surgical topics highlighted in each issue of Selected Readings in General Surgery (SRGS®), such as breast disease, colorectal disease, and rural surgery, have been identified as the key evidence-based information that will best help surgeons safeguard surgical standards of care and better allow surgeons to more confidently and effectively deliver the highest possible patient outcomes in an optimal and ethical practice environment. The critical and timely nature of SRGS has continued and substantial impact with regards to the ever-changing needs of both the medical community and its patients. 

Ethics, Patient Safety & the Business of Medicine coverEthics, Patient Safety, and the Business of Medicine

From medical equipment rationing to surgical care prioritizing, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating significant crucial surgical ethics dilemmas.

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Critical Care of Surgical Patients I coverCritical Care of Surgical Patients Parts I and II

The unique and devastating features of COVID-19 demand the ongoing collaborative efforts of intensive care units across the globe fighting to care for the critically ill.

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