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About Quality Programs

American College of Surgeons: 100-Year History of Leading Quality Improvement

For nearly 100 years, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) has led national and international initiatives to improve quality in hospitals, as well as in the more specific fields of trauma, cancer, and surgical care. ACS’ enduring commitment to quality is reflected in the many initiatives that it has developed, including:

These initiatives have measurably improved surgical quality, and have prevented complications, reduced costs, and saved lives. The quality improvement fundamentals in our programs, such as accreditation through the ACS CoC and COT and the verification process and databases used for ACS NSQIP, are increasingly understood as essential elements in improving care. Inclusion of these programs in hospitals around the country has helped physicians provide the highest standards of care.

Guiding Principles of Continuous Quality Improvement

Based on the results of our quality programs, ACS has identified four key principles required to measurably improve quality of care and increase value:

Guiding Principles