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ACS National Surgical Quality Improvement Program

Hospitals participating in the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement (ACS NSQIP®) will now have a new resource available to further improve surgical quality for their patients: the ACS Quality Verification Program (QVP). ACS QVP is a standards-based verification program designed to help sites improve quality across surgical departments using their NSQIP risk-adjusted data.  Built on the proven ACS quality improvement model of standards, infrastructure, data, and verification, this program will help sites leverage their NSQIP data to drive quality improvement.

The addition of ACS QVP to ACS NSQIP recognizes ACS NSQIP hospitals for their investment in quality and encourages them to utilize ACS QVP to get to the next level in quality improvement. Adapted from core elements of the Optimal Resources for Surgical Quality and Safety, or “Red Book.” ACS QVP provides a proven, standardized method for establishing, measuring, and improving a hospital’s quality infrastructure across all surgical departments.

It’s clear that ACS NSQIP hospitals are already committed to quality.  Adding QVP to the foundation built with NSQIP, hospitals will further the use of their data, reports, and quality improvement efforts.  For more information on program standards, the application process, and other important information, visit the About ACS NSQIP QVP page.

Accessing the ACS NSQIP Participant Portal and Registry

The ACS NSQIP Participant Portal and the ACS NSQIP Registry are separate websites and serve different purposes. Separate login credentials are required to access the two websites.

  • The Participant Portal is for hospital staff to manage hospital information, manage contact information, manage registry access and select the hospital’s sampling.
  • The NSQIP Registry is the platform in which hospitals enter their clinical data and access the various data reports provided by NSQIP.

ACS NSQIP Participant Portal

ACS NSQIP Registry

SCR Training and Testing

ACS NSQIP QVP Webinar Series

ACS NSQIP QVP webinars are an informational series where we invite you to join us to get program information from the ACS NSQIP QVP staff. The series aims to help our sites understand ACS NSQIP QVP, which is designed to help hospitals improve quality across surgical departments using ACS NSQIP risk-adjusted data.


The Path to Quality Improvement

The ACS Quality Improvement Course: The Basics is designed to ensure the surgical workforce and other quality improvement staff are well-educated on the basic principles of surgical quality and safety. This self-paced, online course offers six modules and is intended for anyone working in a health care setting who is still learning the foundations of quality improvement.

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Participant User Data File

The Participant Use Data File (PUF) is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant data file containing cases submitted to the ACS National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP®) Data Registry.

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