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ACS NSQIP QVP is one type of participation level for the ACS Quality Verification Program (QVP)—a standards-based verification program designed to help sites improve quality across surgical departments. ACS NSQIP QVP looks at the structures put in place at the hospitals to enable quality improvement, and how ACS NSQIP data in particular is utilized to help drive quality improvement initiatives.

Verification is a key component in quality improvement which has been part of other ACS Quality Programs for years and allows hospitals to ensure they have proper systems set up to support quality improvement initiatives and improve surgical care. As the only major registry program at ACS that has not been connected to a verification program, ACS NSQIP QVP helps link NSQIP data to hospital based surgical quality improvement and helps answer the question of “What now?” when hospitals ask themselves what they should be doing with their NSQIP data.

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Levels of Participation


ACS NSQIP hospitals are eligible to participate in this option as part of their annual NSQIP participation fee. For NSQIP participants, the Focused Verification visit targets NSQIP data and focuses on two surgical specialty areas within the hospital. Required documentation for this level includes a hospital pre-review questionnaire (PRQ) and two surgical specialty questionnaires, one for each selected specialty. The site visit is approximately a half-day and includes meetings with hospital leadership, as well as chart review. Learn more about Focused Verification for NSQIP Hospitals.

ACS NSQIP QVP-Comprehensive

This option is intended for hospitals that have already begun development of a surgical quality infrastructure. In this level, all surgical specialties are evaluated; Required documentation for this level includes a hospital PRQ and surgical specialty PRQs for all surgical specialties offered at the facility. The site visit for this level is a full day split between two days. Hospitals interested in this verification level of QVP are encouraged to start their QVP journey with the Focused level of participation before considering a Comprehensive level visit. Learn more about Comprehensive Verification for NSQIP Hospitals.

QVP Resources

ACS QVP Standards Quick Reference Guide

ACS QVP Comprehensive Sample Site Visit Agenda

ACS QVP Focused Sample Site Visit Agenda

How to Apply

Sites interested in participating in ACS NSQIP QVP should review the standards and online resources, gather stakeholders to discuss participation and review levels. For additional information, please contact our business development representative at