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Collaborative Testimonial on dataWorking together in an environment focused on sharing information rather than competition, ACS NSQIP Collaboratives create an opportunity for hospitals to come together to:

  • Share data
  • Discuss best practices
  • Identify quality improvement opportunities
  • Design quality improvement initiatives
  • Measure Results

ACS NSQIP Collaboratives are available to all hospitals in ACS NSQIP. Collaboratives can be regional, system-wide, or virtual and range from highly structured groups with formal data sharing agreements, payor support, group oversight, and specialized reporting to an informal group of hospitals coming together simply to discuss their quality improvement experiences.

Testimonial about ACS NSQIP CollaborativesBenefits of Joining a Collaborative

  • Ability to exchange ideas and problem-solve with hospitals in your collaborative
  • Access to enhanced data sharing and specialized reports, beyond the standard semiannual and online benchmarking reports, allowing for:
    • Site to collaborative comparisons
    • Collaborative to all ACS NSQIP comparisons 

Current Collaboratives

More than 65 ACS NSQIP collaborative groups currently exist or are in development. Each collaborative receives technical support and guidance from ACS NSQIP in developing data-sharing strategies, designing specialized reports and publicizing the group’s efforts. Collaboratives may be regional, health systemwide, or virtual.

Our Current Collaboratives

How to Join

ACS NSQIP Collaboratives are available to all participating hospitals. For more information on joining a current collaborative or forming a new collaborative, please contact Emma Malloy at