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American Joint Committee on Cancer

American Joint Committee on Cancer

The American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) established the way cancer is communicated. Clinicians and the surveillance community count on the AJCC for the most comprehensive anatomic staging data available, the Cancer Staging Manual and Cancer Staging Atlas.

These AJCC publications are recognized as the authoritative guides for cancer staging information and are used by tens of thousands of medical professionals everyday.

Evidence-based anatomic staging continues to be the critical factor to understanding cancer and treating patients. New breakthroughs in oncologic, radiologic, pathologic and molecular science are opening up ever-more promising possibilities for precisely defining a prognosis and recommending a treatment based on a patient's individual data.

That's why, as the science of cancer continues to advance, so will the impact of the AJCC.

In this time when cancer science is evolving at a faster and faster pace, the AJCC's central role as the preeminent source of cancer staging information has never been more crucial to the clinical, surveillance, research and patient advocate communities.

It is with this obligation in mind that the AJCC will continue to harness the energy of hundreds of dedicated volunteers at the forefront of the fight against cancer in a collaborative, focused and unwavering effort to improve the care of every cancer patient.

AJCC. Validating science. Improving patient care.

Cancer Registrar Education

The AJCC Curriculum for Registrars is self-guided learning designed to provide education in a step-wise learning environment. The modules provide lessons in a consistent order of classifications; categories T, N, and M; stage group; additional resource material; and a quiz.

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Head and Neck Cancer Education

In collaboration with the UICC, AJCC has developed education for the Head and Neck Cancers that is available through Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

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Cancer Surveillance DLL Update

The AJCC released the 2021 version of the AJCC Cancer Surveillance DLL on August 4, 2021.

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NCRA Sessions Q&A

ACS Cancer Programs presented several sessions at the NCRA Conference. In response to participant questions at the sessions, we have provided written responses to all questions received. If you have any additional questions, please contact

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pTX and pNX Update

pTX and pNX will no longer be selectable options for use by pathologists when assigning pathologic staging based on definitive surgical resection (pTNM). Find out why this change is being made.

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New Paperback Format

The AJCC received important feedback from the pathology, registry, and clinical communities regarding the AJCC Cancer Staging System: Cervix Uteri Protocol (Version 9). Version 9 of Cervix Uteri is now available as a paperback.

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Staging after Neoadjuvant Treatment

Neoadjuvant therapy is being increasingly used to treat a variety of cancers. Learn why staging these cases accurately is so important.

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Version 9 FAQs

Review this document for frequently asked questions on Version 9 and the Cervix Uteri release.

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