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Commission on Cancer (CoC)-accredited cancer programs undergo an on-site visit on a triennial basis, in which a trained CoC site visit reviewer visits the cancer program and reviews required cancer program activity documentation to ensure compliance with the standards.

In preparation for the on-site visit, the cancer program must:

  1. Assess and demonstrate program compliance with the requirements for all standards outlined in Optimal Resources for Cancer Care.
  2. Submit payment for the accreditation fee annually.
  3. Confirm the site visit date and agenda with the assigned site visit reviewer(s).
  4. Review and complete the online Pre-Review Questionnaire at least 30 calendar days before the confirmed site visit date.

Each year, an e-mail notification is sent to all cancer programs due for a site visit in the upcoming calendar year along with the name of their assigned site visit reviewer. The selection of a site visit date is coordinated between the cancer program and the site visit reviewer. Site visits are to be scheduled during the site visit due month. Confirmation of the site visit date and time is provided to the cancer program via email.