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Geriatric Surgery Verification Implementation Course

The Geriatric Surgery Verification (GSV) Implementation Course is intended to guide hospitals through the implementation process as they prepare for verification. The course is unique to the GSV  program, not only as a comprehensive resource, but also in structure and content. A series of modules aligned with the GSV Standards comprise the course, which contains a variety of content, including: text, videos, templates, surveys, and interactive e-learning elements. The course modules will guide hospitals step by step through the process of implementing the GSV Standards.

Log in to the Participant Portal to access* the GSV Implementation Course.

*The course becomes accessible once a hospital has committed to a level of participation in the GSV Program.

The Implementation Course consists of 10 modules, each grouped together by several GSV Standards that focus on a learning objective. Whether a hospital has applied to the program at the commitment or verification level, participants will find valuable resources such as a gap analysis, best practices, and real-time examples to guide standards implementation.

screenshot of the learning objectives

The final module of the Implementation Training Course focuses on the steps of the verification process, including the Pre-Review Questionnaire (PRQ) and site visit preparation. We encourage hospitals to access this module, along with all the other ones, regardless of where they are in the journey towards verification.

Function & Mobility: Identifying High-Risk Patients & Addressing Vulnerabilities

The following focused module has been provided to serve as a sample of the overall GSV Implementation Course. Adapted from Module 4: Identifying High-Risk Patients & Addressing Vulnerabilities, this abbreviated module addresses components of GSV Standards 5.6 Geriatric Vulnerability Screens, 5.7 Management Plan for Patients with Positive Geriatric Vulnerability Screens, and 5.16 Assessment of Geriatric Vulnerabilities at Discharge. At the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of how to successfully screen for impaired function and mobility and create management plans for identified vulnerabilities. The structure and content in this module are representative of all modules in the Implementation Course.

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Function & Mobility: Identifying High-Risk Patients & Addressing Vulnerabilities