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ACS Quality Verification Program

Verifying Quality Across All Surgical Specialties

The ACS Quality Verification Program™ (ACS QVP) provides a proven, standardized method for establishing, measuring, and improving your hospital’s quality infrastructure across all surgical departments.

A Proven Approach, Tailored for Your Hospital

Adapting to each hospital’s unique circumstances, ACS QVP can help deliver better, safer care more efficiently for every surgical patient. Benefits of ACS QVP participation include:

  • In-depth assessment at hospital and specialty levels, regular external review, and ongoing consultation
  • Customized, actionable recommendations for building and improving surgical quality infrastructure through a site visit and written report
  • Insight into factors beyond the typical scope of quality initiatives—including leadership, safety culture, and standardization across the five phases of care

A Data-Driven Quality Framework

QVP provides a data-driven, evidence-based quality framework to find, fix, and prevent problems. Moreover, ACS QVP has been proven to make an impact—ACS QVP-participating hospitals have already seen measurable improvement in their surgical quality results.

Learn more about the evidence supporting ACS QVP.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Quality

Becoming an ACS QVP-verified hospital demonstrates your commitment to high-quality care and positions your hospital among the leading hospital systems in the country.

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