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ABS Requirements

The various boards in surgery are transitioning to a model of continuous and lifelong learning.

The Surgeon Specific Registry (SSR) helps fulfill American Board of Surgery (ABS) Continuous Certification requirements. As part of its Continuous Certification program, the ABS requires ongoing participation in a practice improvement activity—a local, regional, or national outcomes registry or quality assessment program. In addition, the ABS requires the submission of a 12-month operative log at least every 10 years, which can also be done by electronic transfer from the SSR.

A goal of the ABS Continuous Certification Program is to promote ongoing practice performance assessment to improve the quality of patient care. The SSR will provide surgeons with information about procedure-specific outcomes in their own practice and will allow them to compare their results with a national database. This feedback will help surgeons identify areas for improvement in their practice.

To get started:

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Further instructions, regarding the SSR operative log transfer to the ABS, can be found in the SSR Platform under Library.