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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Strong for Surgery?

  • Strong for Surgery is a public health campaign bringing preoperative checklists to surgeons’ offices to improve clinical outcomes.
  • The Strong for Surgery initiative aims to identify and improve evidence-based practices for surgical patients in four target areas: nutrition, smoking cessation, medications, and blood sugar control.
  • Strong for Surgery’s goal is to educate the health care community on effective steps that can be taken to better prepare patients for an operation and provide the best outcomes possible.

Why should I use a preoperative checklist?

  • A patient’s risk of negative outcomes from an operation can be improved when surgeons' offices standardize best practices, such as education and perioperative care.
  • Global research has shown that use of a checklist improves patient optimization for an operation and helps ensure that important aspects of care are followed for each case.

What does Strong for Surgery offer to hospitals and clinics?

  • Evaluation and planning
  • Assistance with process and workflow mapping
  • Consultation, facilitation, and training during implementation
  • Support to staff throughout the first year to address any challenges

How would we participate?

  • Involve staff responsible for patient care
  • Adopt the checklist and practices
  • Join our network