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Trauma Evaluation and Management

TEAM LogoTrauma Evaluation and Management (TEAM) is an introductory course for medical students in the evaluation and management of trauma. The program includes a three-segment, initial-assessment video demonstration; clinical trauma case scenarios for small group discussion; and skills sessions. The content can be easily adapted to a medical school’s curriculum. The program’s core content is adapted from the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course*. 

TEAM ManualThe TEAM program provides a standardized introductory course in the evaluation and management of trauma for medical students and multidisciplinary team members. The ATLS Committee strongly encourages the participation of ATLS instructors because they have the knowledge of the philosophy, intent, and content of the program.

For information regarding TEAM products and ordering, please contact Armen Alvarez, TEAM Program Coordinator, at 312-202-5538 or

*Please note. TEAM is an abbreviated version of the ATLS course and should not be used to replace ATLS participation. Individuals who take the TEAM course are not considered as having completed an ATLS course. Medical students are encouraged to take the ATLS course in their final year of medical school or after graduation.