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ATOM Course FAQs

How do I obtain a copy of the Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM®) course materials?

All participants enrolled in an ATOM course will receive a copy of the current ATOM course materials. If you are not taking an ATOM course, manuals can be purchased through Cine-Med.

How do I bring the ATOM course to my site?

All prospective course sites must be visited and approved by a member of the ACS Committee on Trauma's Ad Hoc Committee on Surgical Skills. For information on how to schedule a site visit, please contact the Trauma Education Program Office at

Training of ATOM faculty—principal investigators, instructors, and coordinators—will be required if there are no local ATOM faculty on site.

How do I find and register for ATOM course?

You can search for upcoming courses online. Please note that each site sets its own pricing and registration process. Contact the course site for more information.

Who do I contact if I have not received my completion certificate or CME certificate yet?

Please contact

How do I become an ATOM Instructor?

If you are identified as having instructor potential in an ATOM course, you will be invited to participate as an Instructor Candidate in another ATOM course. Potential instructors must deliver a lecture and take a student through the lab, under the supervision of a senior instructor. The senior instructor will  then critique the potential instructor on qualities such as voice delivery, interaction during lectures and lab, and good surgical skills.

How do I find out if I have current ATOM faculty status?

Please contact

How do I access the ATOM Management system to complete my pre- and postcourse requirements?

  1. Login to the ATOM Management system.
  2. Select the course site from the drop-down list. Your e-mail address and the course facility's unique password are needed for logging into the system.
  3. Contact the ATOM Program office if you experience difficulties logging into the ATOM Management System.

How do I purchase ATOM course materials for a scheduled course?

Course materials can be purchased directly through Cine-Med's website.

For all other inquiries, please contact